Whiteboard or Miro

Is Microsoft Whiteboard as Good as Miro?

Visual tools help you work together on tasks: from solving math equations to drawing diagrams. They make discussions more interesting and invite teamwork, where people share their ideas on their own initiative. Check if Microsoft Whiteboard is as good as Miro in the article below.

The best way to organize planning and to brainstorm with miro vs microsoft whiteboard

Each person has creative potential, but not everyone can translate their ideas into a real object only with classical tools (brushes, canvas). Some people lack knowledge and experience. Others lack a certain component to simply express a certain thought and present it to others for discussion and search for new solutions.

With the board service, you can have exclusive access to space and computing resources, such as memory and processing power, on a physical server. You can install an operating system on a virtual server and thus simplify the management of the server environment. You can draw on the space of the board in different colors, choose the thickness of the lines, and add notes. All this is easy to do both with a mouse and with a finger on a tablet or mobile phone.

Access to Microsoft Whiteboard is very simple – directly from the browser and does not require any registration. You can invite other participants using a special link or a QR code. But on the free plan, the number of guests is limited. Permanent registration allows you to save the board for future use, but if you do not want to do this, then the result of the work can be downloaded as an image or PDF. You can add a picture, text, and sticky notes to the Whiteboard board; all this can be moved, resized, or positioned. But if necessary, you can fix it.

Miro provides users with a selection of templates to help structure and organize planning or brainstorming. For example, there is a template for drawing mind maps, project management, and planning using agile technologies; you can add a chat to communicate with the team. With this virtual whiteboard, you can write down ideas exactly as they should be on plain paper.

The main advantages of Microsoft Whiteboard over Miro

Microsoft Whiteboard is a UWP app for Windows 10 and can be installed for free from the Microsoft Store. And this is a virtual environment for the free flight of human fantasies. Here, as on a physical board of desires, you can record all your dreams and plans. How to write down ideas on ordinary landscape paper, analyze something, draw, clearly explain and prove something to someone, and make any working sketches. In particular, use it in every possible way to convey your message in companies that use Surface Hub devices.

Among the main advantages of Microsoft Whiteboard over Miro are the following:

  • Working together and discussing important issues in a work environment.
  • Increasing productivity with handwriting, notes, stickers, and more.
  • Business development. Anything that makes project management easier helps your revenue.
  • Digital whiteboards help visualize each step of the process to make it easier to spot any problem before it causes damage.

Besides, if a board is launched in a meeting or channel, it can be moved to read-only mode when you need your colleagues or students to stop collaborating on it. This is a convenient way to finish creating boards (for example, after reaching a deadline).

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