• Realtime collaboration
  • Safe and secure
  • Board access controls
  • Free to use
  • Open source, run your own instance

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Some real time stats about what is going on with the system:

  • Number of boards: 14492
  • Number of cards: 77949
  • Active socket connections: 0

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PinItTo.me is currently a free service. If you like our application please donate to help keep the service online and ad-free.

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PinItTo.me is an Open Source project. The application source code is freely available on GitHub.

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Access details


Enter a password here to get access to the board.

Create a new board

A few details...

Board properties


The best bit about this is that only a very small amount of information is required!

Email - required

Your email is used to remind you of your board password if set. No selling this or spamming you.

Board name - optional

Completely optional, but hey it makes it all a bit more personal!

Board URL identifier - optional

If you'd like a friendly URL for your board use this value. 3 - 256 characters and must contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens only.

Super-charge your board!

Customise your board to get the best out of it.


If you want to control access to your board enter passwords here. Using the same password in multiple fields will result in the user gaining the highest level of access for that password.

Warning: not setting a password leaves your board open to abuse by those wishing to do bad.

For more information please see access controls. Leave a field blank for no password required.

Hint: Hover over the password field to see what has been entered already.


Do you like order? Do nice straight lines do it for you? Then you'll love the grids feature!

By default, card sizes and positions are freeform, but apply the grids and either of both of these forces either card size &/or position to resize/move in fixed increments.

Advanced settings

Users entering this password will be able to administer the board.
Users entering this password will be able to create, edit, delete, move, resize cards.
Users entering this password will only be able to view the board.

Don't panic... you will be able to change access controls once you are in the board too.