Google Jamboard Review and Tutorial

Google Jamboard Review and Tutorial

Google Jamboard is a free, simple, and versatile online board on which students can perform a wide variety of practical tasks individually or together. Check the Google Jamboard review, tutorial, and google jamboard templates in the article below.

Jamboard as a digital board from Google

Google Jamboard is an office interactive whiteboard service that helps you capture ideas and draw like you would on a traditional whiteboard. It will help you brainstorm and improve teamwork. G Suite: Grab images and content from the web and bring them directly to your whiteboard. The tool allows you to create and collaborate on posts, arrange boards, and make changes with colleagues in real-time.

Google Jamboard enables teams to collaborate and visualize ideas, accelerating innovation and problem-solving throughout your organization – whether your teams work in the office, remotely, hybrid, or a combination of all three. These changes will help turn meetings into dynamic collaboration sessions where teams actually get the job done. Together, this makes organizations nimbler, collaborative, and proactive while keeping everyone connected in real-time, as well as helps with the following:

  • Brainstorming.
  • Object Classification.
  • Sequencing.
  • Evaluation and Ranking.
  • SWOT Analysis.

So, if you’ve ever been reluctantly asked to give a presentation in your office, you might be familiar with slide storytelling while others take a good nap. Presenting an idea, conveying information, and conducting a briefing require the speaker to involve clients and colleagues. Because if it goes wrong, you could jeopardize a promotion or an annual bonus.

Which are the main Google Jamboard features?

Google Jamboard is an interactive online whiteboard that allows a large number of participants to work remotely in real-time. In it, you can create content, print, write and edit texts, draw, upload images, and work on these images together with colleagues or students. A prerequisite for using Google Jamboard is that you and your students have a Google account. If not, you must register. After registration, the service becomes available.

Among the main features of Google Jamboard are the following:

  • Collaborate and track changes in real-time.
  • Change the background to a custom image.
  • Graphic tablet support.
  • Save the slide in PNG format.
  • Export project to PDF.

Along with Jamboard, Google is also distributing its audio conferencing system. There are also plans to release some additions to the digital whiteboard: a camera with improved zoom, a speaker, and a microphone. All this is necessary for conducting presentations in large conference rooms and combining several audio conferencing systems into one common one.

How to start using the service?

First of all, you need to register on the official website of Google Jamboard. On the main page of the site, you need to click on the registration button in the menu. In the window that appears, you need to specify your email address, and phone number and click “register” (thereby giving consent to the processing of personal data and accepting the user agreement). The next step is to confirm the registration by clicking on the link placed in the letter that was sent to your email. After that, you can enter your personal account on the website or in the application by entering your email and password, but you must have online access to the network. Then you can use Google Jamboard.

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